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Want to save money? Do what Ford does.

Want to save money? Do like Ford does and learn how they saved “Millions of Dollars”.  This news came not from the pages of a newspaper but in following Ford stock (F).  In the corporate news they announced the savings of more then 1 Million Dollars.  A simple step, at night they turn off their Desktop and Laptop computers. 

” Ford estimates it will save $1.2 million and reduce its carbon footprint by 16,000-25,000 metric tons annually
Ford and ENERGY STAR offer tips for consumers to reduce their own household energy use “

Ford is utilizing power savings utilities built into most modern PC’s and Laptops that reduce the energy use but still allow the device to be awakened remotely (WOL) to receive software and data updates. You can read more about it at PRNews.

So the real answer to the debate of leaving a machine running or turning it off is exactly as we advise most of our customers, if you are not using it Power it Down.  By the way this also can save or extend the life of a piece of hardware too.

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