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Warning have you recieved a letter from Domain Registration?

Are you getting registration expiration notices and they are not from the company you actually registered with or are hosting through.?

I am not sure if you are like me but I get unsolicited offers all the time in the mail and email.  Well this type of solicitation bothers me because it potentially takes business away from out company and can cause strain with my clients. 

I recently got a letter I believe the heading was Domain Registration Company, which can easily be mistaken for many Domain Registration sites that may be out there.  It was interesting because it only listed 1 of my  12 websites that I have registered, and most of them expire at the same time.  Also, funny is that it made no mention of where the site was currently registered, but it did inform me that if I did not take action soon I may lose my domain name. Read these letters carefully because completing them will change where your domain is registered and in some cases some of these companies are trying to get you to move where you host.

If you are registering domains with our companies, E2, E2 Computers, http://www.End2EndSupport, http://www.GotaVirusBug.com, http://WeWorkOnComputers.com, or End2EndDomains.com your registration and hosting would be done on our Wholesale web site at http://www.end2enddomains.com.   Please ensure that you continue to use our site when you modify your registration or buy hosting products, marketing and even e commerce products. I appreciate my customers business and would like to grow my Hosting business 2 to 3 times where it is.

What is End2EndDomains.com (http://www.end2enddomains.com)

This website is a wholesale page that allows us to sell Hosting products normally offered by GoDaddy (http://www.GoDaddy.com/). GoDaddy allows companies to join them and purchase a resellers account.  Within the resellers account we get to offer different products that GoDaddy supports and makes available. Our sites are managed for most of us by GoDaddy under the Wild West Hosting name.  In most cases the provide the day to day support for the products offered.  We get to wet our margins and then market the SH_T out of these products.  I started this reseller program to purchase hosting and registration for customers that i would assist in their web pages. Now I am trying to get the word out that I need more clients Registering and Hosting through us. My goal is to only make a few dollars per Domain, and Hosting etc.  but have loads of users.  Our prices are usual only 1.00 – 2.00 dollars over our Buy Rate.

What can you do?

Register new domains through our website http://www.end2enddomains.com  host through our site,  You can also purchase mail plans, marketing tools, website products, and many other e commerce products.  What else can you do, if you have existing websites consider domain transfers, I know this may be a time consuming effort but if you can please consider this option.  The Help feature on our web site has numbers listed so you can get assistance in moving existing domains contact the Concierge service if necessary.   Please consider our site for your needs, I would like to continue offering this and prove that 1 account at a time can build a nice residual income.  If you need assistance with web site design please contact us at http://www.end2endsupport.com/, we will look at project for simple web site design and in the future will expand to e commerce sites as we grow.

Thanks for taking the time to review this entry please leave comments and visit our site to see what we can do for you.

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