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Why Buy Office 2007 now? Free upgrade to Office 2010

Windows 2010 is out soon.  So if you buy Office 2007 now you can request your 2010 upgrade.  For more information check out this Microsoft micro-site.  Ready to buy see link at bottom of article. Brought to you from the guys at Copyright 2014 Simply Reliable Solutions, llc and E2 Computers.

Check out some photos from BBT Inc.

We are showcasing the Photo Album product available from Check out BBT Inc’s Photo Gallery. We are hosting a photo gallery for BBT Inc and I would like to show off some of their pictures. I am also trying to showcase different hosting products that are available from So Please visit Thanks […]

Scam letter addressed to Intuit Small Business

Apparently this is not the first attack for Intuit users.  But we received an email April 14th. Looked very legit until you get to the ramblings on the bottom. Ultimately it was a scam letter and after looking it up through Google you will see there are many variations.  This ones states that beginning the […]

Did you miss the Adobe CS 5 launch?

Technical presentation on “Steroids”, a media overload worth all 60 minutes of viewing.  I am not a big user at this time of CS products but this presentation has made me want to buy it.  I think this presentation was worth the time. It will give you many creative ideas not to mention a good […]

70% off at some local restaurants.

Looking for food discounts? Save up to 70% from  If you are in tarpon Queens Pizza one of our local haunts offers lunch and dinner coupons.  Palm harbor you might want to check out Johnny Garlics. Keep an eye on our blog as we will be reviewing Johnny Garlics soon. Now get 70% Off […]

Want to know whats inside an Aplle iPad

Apple iPad curious to see what makes it tick?  So where we but we are way to cheap to dismantle one of these puppies.  However I did get a newsletter from and they did take it apart.  Warning if you should try this you will void the warranty on your iPad so please just […]

iPad – I want one but couldn’t buy it.

iPad looks real cool, and I really want one just like Phil on “Modern Family” on ABC.  It is almost my birthday and I tried justifying buying one for that reason alone. Now I am not suggesting that the iPad is not a great device.  I think it would be fun to use, and for […]

BitDefender Antivirus update cripples 64-Bit Windows.

Thanks to the forums that we visit on a regular basis we became aware of  an issue in BitDefender.  This seems to affect 64-Bit users and it is crippling.  In a Press release named “Faulty Update for 64 Bit Operating systems” the company bitdefender explains the issue.  They were pretty quick to fix the problem […]