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iPad – I want one but couldn’t buy it.

iPad looks real cool, and I really want one just like Phil on “Modern Family” on ABC.  It is almost my birthday and I tried justifying buying one for that reason alone.

Now I am not suggesting that the iPad is not a great device.  I think it would be fun to use, and for me would be a step up from my mobile solution which is my G1.  I do not usually carry a laptop so I really in my G1 or regular desktops.  I read 1 review regarding the lack of GPS without the “G3” service that I actually stopped myself on that.  But, now I have to justify a greater expense because the second model with the service is more expensive and rolls out later this month closer to my B-Day.  Although I seldom use my mac that I have at home, mostly because most of my work is on Windows machines and my software is MS based.  Alas, I still wanted my own iPad.  So as i moan and groan about not buying one I want to hear what others who bought one think.  I read that there are some technical issues with charging the unit but honestly, I see this as minor.  Cali Lewis on Geek Brief TV (http://www.geekbrief.tv/)  did some interesting reviews on this and the new Windows 7 based mobile devices due out later.

Like most expensive toys I just dream to hold them so for now I would like to enjoy the iPad from your point of view, please comment in this thread on your experiences.

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