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Want to know whats inside an Aplle iPad

Apple iPad curious to see what makes it tick?  So where we but we are way to cheap to dismantle one of these puppies. 

However I did get a newsletter from eWeek.com and they did take it apart. 

Warning if you should try this you will void the warranty on your iPad so please just view what it looks like and don’t try it yourself.

So what is under the skin check out this slide deck from eWeek.com.See full size image

Have a good look because you won’t see one split open soon at our shop.  Remember the iPad G3 capable units are going to be released later this month. Apple sold over 100,000 units on April 3rd and is anticipating up to 700,000 units.  I am still resisting the temptation but it is difficult.

Another interesting link brought to you buy the guys at http://www.end2endsupport.com and http://weworkoncomputers.com

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