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Vipre Enterprise Users – Please Read High Utilization Issue (Bug)

A High cpu utilization issue has been found in Vipre caused by a virus detection routine for Virus.VBS.Redlof.f.

Operating System:  All product-supported Operating Systems

Dear VIPRE/CounterSpy Enterprise customer,

Customers running a scan with definition versions 6272, 6273, or 6274 may experience extremely high CPU usage when running a scan.   

The issue started with definition 6272, released 5/6/2010 at 5:53:19 PM EDT.  The issue is caused by a virus detection (Virus.VBS.Redlof.f) that causes a loop condition on the system, resulting in high CPU usage.  

This problem has been fixed in definition version 6275.

If you are unable to abort a currently running scan on your agent machines, the solution to the 100% CPU usage is to do as follows:

  1. Ensure the Enterprise Server has received definition version 6275.
  2. Stop the following processes on any unresponsive agent machines:
    1. SBAMsvc.exe
    2. SBAMTray.exe (if tray icon is set to be visible)
    3. sbamui.exe (if agent interface is open)
    4. SBPIMSvc.exe (4.0 Agents only)
  1. Restart your enterprise agents.
  2. Update any outdated agents within your console to the latest definitions.

We are aggressively researching why this detection was able to release to the public and are putting in place additional quality assurance processes, so that we can ensure that this type of detection doesn’t occur again.

Thanks for choosing Sunbelt Software,

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