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Koobface in the news again.

Koobface has it cost you and how trustworthy is you network?  I am going to include a link to an article from Trend Micro regarding social networking.

How do you trust? Not jus who do you trust?  Do you click on the link or delete it.  Is it funny?  I am making references to a common trap you get an email or link that has no text except a header like I thought you would like this.  I explain to my clients that if the person who sent it to me did not add something useful and I recognize as a tag they would add, I ignore it and delete it.  Virus spread in email and social links is huge because we let our guard down amongst our friends, but lets be serious if you goal in Facebook is to have thousands of links chances are they are not people you know well so start by assuming that not all your friends are friendly.  It is common sense but lets be serious if we all used common sense very few people would take any risks.  So ultimately if it does not feel right then tread lightly, and also make sure that your Protection Tools are working well.  If you have question contact us at support@end2endsupport.com or checkout our virus tool and marketing page at  http://www.end2endsupport.com.

Now check out this story about KoobFace in Trend Micro’snews letter .

Point of interest in social networking from the guys at http://www.end2endsupport.com and E2 Computers in Tarpon Springs.

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