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The debate is “Windows” secure? Just got real interesting.

Is Windows a safe operating system?  I often get this question or more often is Apple better than Windows?Blowout Specials ends 1/31

I will give some of my opinions that I have been stating for a few years and follow with a link to a great article about Google that I think everyone should read, to understand the depth of theses questions.  Unlike Google I am not abandoning windows, nor am I going to require special approval to use windows in our corporate environment. Read on to see what I am eluding to.

First, Windows is one of the most widely used Operating Systems , no surpprise it is a prime target for attacks.  Over 90% of the computing world uses Microsoft  OS and Software .  Malware however is not exclusively directed to windows but let’s look at it in iconsimple terms if you were advertising and you had to select a part of the “pie” are you going to target the smaller piece?  I know the answer is obvious, so that is why there is so many more attacks on windows.  This does mean that Microsoft has to be on there “A” game to assist in protecting it’s core.  In the article I am refereing to you will see Microsoft’s defense to Google’s move.

So, what did Google  do?  They are abandoning Windows as a OS on all new systems in their corporate environment. It will take an act of G_D, ok well permission from their CIO to allow a Windows system to be released into Google’s IT environment.  So this means that most Google development will be done on an alternative platform like OS/X (Mac), Linux or Unix.  I believe that this will lead to an increase in attacks on the other platforms as well.  So what does this really mean?

That is is your job the consumer to protect yourself.  For Windows users it means utilize good security software.  Recognize that if your computer is acting different this is not a normal situation as computers generally do not think or change the way they work without having new instructions (software or hardware) added to them.  Network devices can be added to move security operations to a dedicated device to tighten security and reduce some of the protection needs at the desktop.  There are routers that can subscribe to protection via the “Cloud” also.  So the world continues to grow technically and so do the attacks.  So stay diligent and protect yourself.  Use caution in your social networking habits, and ultimately backup important sensitive material.  On-site and Remote backup options should be considered we can help you understand the differences and introduce you to two products we have been using, Carbonite and Rebit. 

Now please continue and read the direction Google has taken in banning Windows. This article was published  at Information Weeks website written by Thomas Clabourn.  I hope you find it as interesting as I did.

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