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Deal of the Day/Week or something like that. New idea for our website.

I want to offer a special item every couple of days or 1 a week.  Items at only a couple dollars over my cost?  What am I suggesting? I am saying that I am going to work on special pricing with my vendors on stuff you want.

Like what you ask?  I am currently trying to negotiate prices on Microsoft Office 2010 (Home office & Student edition).  List price is $149.00. Mystery price $XXX.XX  I do not know yet this will be based on how many people are interested and what my vendors will do.  This is not an auction or anything like that. I am looking for customers who want me to try to get a better deal and shop through us.

Another Item i am considering is the new Momentus XT laptop drives.  These drives are Hybrid drives part standard hard drive part Solid State Drive (SSD).  They learn as you use them and store repeatedly used information in the faster more volatile SSD memory.  In testing these even show that games will load faster after they are played a couple of times.

What do you have to do?  1st tell people about this blog post. 2nd If you are interested in these 2 items I need an acknowledgement and a way to contact you once I have pricing set.  I am looking for a minimum of 20-50 buyers for each product.

Let me know you are interested by letting me know what you think about this story? Like is a yes interested, dislike no interest, and No opinion is like the idea but not interested in these items?

Please spread the word. Special prices will be based on purchase in the store with cash or check. Items being purchased by Credit will be adjusted slightly. Shipping is not included in price but we will make arrangements for shipping items as well.

Serious inquiries only please.

Serious discounts (Cheap prices) but not cheap service.  From the service guys at www.end2endsupport.com

To be contacted about one of the specific items please leave a comment and use your contact email address. Email addresses will not be published and we will contact you directly if you are interested in these items.


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