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BP stands for Blame Petroleum, not just British Petroleum.

Oil in the gulf an it is not pretty. I am watching from the sideline and have a small opinion because my business is affected by this mess too.  BP to blame or not to blame, I really don’t care.  Sitting and blaming the company publicly and trying to humiliate them is not going to solve the problem.  Forcing the turtle to put it’s head in its shell is the best you can expect when you spend all your energy trying to point your finger.

I am not excusing BP nor should they be or many of the American companies involved with this project and many others like it.  I named this entry Blame Petroleum not just BP.  The main reason is that problems like this are created by our dependence on petroleum and unless we find other sources of energy there will be many disasters like Horizon.  So rather than sit and blame anyone today that can be done in the future after the leak is shut off.  We need to utilize every ounce of our energy and brain power on what to do to stop this leak and restore the conditions of the water as best as humanly possible.

While we all believe that someone should step up and do more, you can not expect any one entity The Government, BP, The President etc. to solve the problem. It is going to take many efforts like using hair to absorb the oil, or trying to plug it with old rubber tires and the likes of these attempts.  Public ridicule will only prevent people from suggesting wacky solutions. But lets go back to a another watery accident in Chicago a few years ago where old mattresses were used to plug a leak in the Chicago River.  It is going to take thinking completely out of the box to solve this disaster.  I wish it was as simple as weld a faucet on to the end of the pipe but my guess is that was already though of.  If not try it, or at least consider it.

I wrote this because I am frustrated listening to all the reporters and sound bites leading us to believe that BP does not care, or the president is not doing anything.  At a time where our economy is bad and this is not helping we need to occasionally help these people by not forcing them to be defensive all the time.  If they can let their guard down a little we may find they can be more creative and actually solve the problem.  

After the mess is stopped and successful cleanup has begun, that is the time we need to investigate what went wrong, but not just place blame and try to financially ruin those at fault, but to learn what went wrong and how to predict this type of failure in the future.  Sure now everyone who wants to clear their name will implicate BP for “cutting corners” but if you knew that then why not call them on it before an accident happens.  I believe that some of the cost saving measures where not even recognized as risks, until the right conditions happened.  An example of unforseen failures in NASA’s space shuttle program, we learned that a small inexpensive o-ring that seemed like it could never fail could bring down an entire space shuttle. But it was not until after the right conditions occurred for the failure.  Some mistake, some weather condition etc. caused this failure along with other human and corporate decisions.  Again I am not saying to let BP or any of the hundreds of contractors that worked on this project, and lawmakers that eventually allowed for this type of drilling to exist, slide. I am just suggesting give them the moral support they need to stop the disaster.  We are dependent on the people who created the situation to assist or solve the problem because they have the most knowledge of what is down there.

Thanks for taking the time to read my Rant I hope it made some sense.  Support your local and coastal Businesses, Fishermen, Hotels, and Relief workers maybe this crisis will be solved soon.

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