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Legitimate deception in spam?

Legitimate deception what the heck is it and how is spam utilizing it.  I recently read the article Stay Alert: Spam gets Deceptive Legitimacy in the ChanelPro Insiders Guide to SMB.  The article was written by Cecilia G. and was very interesting as it put some numbers on the type of spam we see daily.

She pointed out that much of the spam originate from Gmail accounts, and many spam letters are penned to look like PayPal or Facebook mail.  Her article shows that it may be hard to identify the real from the fake.


As you can see from this chart from the article the common subjects of the spam being sent these days.  At the end of the article she posts some 10 of the top ridiculous subjects of Spam emails. Check them out again at her article at the Channel Pro web site.

I have said in many articles that is is getting harder and harder to tell fact from fiction. I am sorry to say it does not look like it is going to end soon, so between your emails for more friends for mafia wars and all the Canadian Pharmacies wanting to sell you Viagra with out a prescription take caution on what you click.  If you would like to help with this entry add some of the ridiculous email subjects you have seen.

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