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Thieves get away with it in small amounts!

Small amounts of money make thieves very successful.  We often think that identity theft is going cost us a great deal, but often it is only a small amount.  Thieves have found taking a little from many or a little consistently over a period of time can be very rewarding. Why? Most of us will […]

Twitter fan? Be aware of the Twitter Kit.

Trend Micro posted a bulletin about the Twitter Kit in their security newsletter this week.  What is Twitter Kit, it is a tool that  allows the sending of spam to other Twitter users in ways that would normally be blocked or stopped by the account limits set by the site. For example, the sending of […]

Tips from Sunbelt software 7_08_2010

Sunbelt software includes weekly tips in their newsletter and I wanted to share with my readers some of the current risks on the internet. Danger Zone Topics Be on the lookout for these threatening searches and spams: World Cup, Justin Bieber and Eminem’s (fictitious) death video. This Week’s Top 10 Spyware Threats Trojan.Win32.Generic!BT: Trojan Trojan-Spy.Win32.Zbot.gen: […]

Apple security invincible, I think not.

In 6 years of owning my shop one of the most frequent questions is “Should I buy a Mac all my friends say they are more secure?”, and this is what I have told people.  The Macs are less vulnerable at this time due to their penetration in the PC Market.  But as they become more […]