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Apple security invincible, I think not.

In 6 years of owning my shop one of the most frequent questions is “Should I buy a Mac all my friends say they are more secure?”, and this is what I have told people.  The Macs are less vulnerable at this time due to their penetration in the PC Market.  But as they become more popular and software becomes similar on both platforms the risks will increase.  Like I said I have been saying this since I started my shop in 2004.  Why am I touting this or even patting myself on the back, I’m not  I am just trying to remind everyone that the world is not simple you can not just buy a Mac and wish a way all the bad people.  No the internet is not like OZ unfortunately we are back in Kansas, Chicago, Tampa and what makes it worse is we are only one little hop away from the unknown.

Connecting to the internet even when you are not surfing without some form of protection is like building a tall building in the lightning capital with out grounding. It is just not safe nor is it up to code.  The Apple platform has grown sharply in the last 5 years and with the release of the iPAD you have I believe over 3 Million new users in just a few weeks.  That is a lot of new money to the con-artists and thieves, not to mention the pyramid marketeers and the multi-national lottery scams.  Oh and just for a good laugh don’t forget about the guy in some foreign country who is trying to get his fortune out after he has died with no heirs so you are the lucky person.  I hope that put a smile on everyone’s face.

Apparently ,Apple has been hit with sever different types of security woes in the past few months, the most recent not involving their OS but the iTunes market place.  Yes, if you are un aware keep an I on your accounts associated with iTunes because they have been compromised.  Check out current news on this issue an example of this news at Switched.com.  Ah, back to the original message Apple security is vulnerable please take a look at this article from Larry Walsh at the Channel Insider, he writes the Blog/Column Secure Channel.  I believe you will find the information interesting after that you may also want to re-visit my Blog entry from 7/28/2009.

So for all of you Mac users, follow some simple advice surf safely and invest in some protection if it is available. I read a blog entry from Dave Greenbaum regarding Mac Antivirus at theAppleBlog.  I can not recommend any software at this time but be careful on what you choose and check out known Mac review sites to assist in your evaluations.

This web safe reminder brought to you by the Techies at www.end2endsupport.com and www.gotavirusbug.com.

Happy and safe computing.

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