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Thieves get away with it in small amounts!

Small amounts of money make thieves very successful.  We often think that identity theft is going cost us a great deal, but often it is only a small amount.  Thieves have found taking a little from many or a little consistently over a period of time can be very rewarding.

Why? Most of us will not be overly concerned if a small charge like $0.10 appears on our credit card, so many of us will not even report it.  However do this to 10,000 people and it can be a nice prize, $1,000.00. Now do this monthly and it amounts to $12,000.00 a year.  That is exactly what was being done to the ton of 10 Million dollars.  On MSNBC’s blog the Red Tape Chronicles you can read all about the case “Card Thieves Steal 10 Million, $10 Dollars a Day “. 

This case is about phoney companies making small charges and then funneling the money to foreign banks.  In our industry we similar issues like software being sold that is not really functional.  It can be in the form of Virus, Computer Tune-up, and other Tools.  By the way it does not stop with our computers, there are tons of bad apps being written for cell phones and other hand held devices.  Often this software is so low cost that when it does not function we just say oh well the amount was only a few bucks, and that is exactly what they are counting on.  Beware and be willing to fight to get your money back this way we can help stop scams and hopefully reduce this type of crime.  Research software you are going to buy and try to do you research at reputable sources not just any website that may actually be ad sites for the product.

Good information from your support staff at www.end2endsupport.com and www.gotavirusbug.com.

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