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Dell Deal (so low its stupid) Vostro basic system and 23″ LCD.

I hate the fact that we can not sell stuff this low, but when a deal is so low it’s stupid I figured I would try to get a little piece of the action. If you buy through this link to our Affiliate Partner Dell (who!) you will be able to buy a Vostro mini […]

Ohio bans offshore outsourcing! This could be a ver interesting issue.

Outsourcing in my eyes has been a fleecing of American Jobs.  I have lost a few jobs and seen many close because of the outsourcing of cheap labor. Companies like Dell, IBM, HP, American Express, Chase, etc the list is long. Have utilized either outsourced technology or customer service to increase the bottom line and […]

New Virus attack – September 10th 2010

According to local news here in FL there is a new virus in emails.  The subject appears to begin with “Hear you have…”.  According to our news this has effected companies like Disney, CocaCola, NASA and other government systems.  An article on line also indicates that Good Morning America’s weatherman was infected as well. The […]

MacBook under 1000.00 and other discounts.

MacMall is having a huge sale up to 209.00 off on Apple systems.  Take a look at this special: 13″ Mac for under $1000.00. Apple 13.3″ MacBook 2.4GHz/2GB/250GB HD/GeForce 320M/SD/10hr batt/Polycarbonate only $949.89 + FREE Shipping + $210 in FREE Mac Products! Mac Specials brought to you by the bargain hunter at and our Affiliate […]

Moore’s Law – a funny recall of software history

Moore’s law was a theory developed by George Moore.  It has to do with the growth of the number of transistors that can be placed on a circuit board.  Moore noticed that the numbers kept doubling about every 2 years and the law was coined.  For  a better summary checkout the Wikipedia . I did […]

Ruggedized Netbooks – 2 Formats – These can take rough handling.

Looking for a Netbook that can take a beating? We have 2 Classmate PC’s that are great solutions for more than just students!  Check this information out.  I have seen many cracked notebooks, broken hard drives and soggy notebooks.  We are offering two products that can take a little more abuse than most machines.  These […]

Parental control for the internet.

It is school time and everyone is on the internet again, how do you protect your family?  This has been an ongoing issue since I have been in the business.  My first suggestion is visual control.      Visual control watch what your kids or employees are doing, if they know you are watching often that […]

Where do I pickup my malware?

Where does all the garbage come from?  I have talked about this to many of my customers.  Often in disbelief they say its not possible millions of people use Facebook, Twitter and many other Social Networking tools there is no way I am getting infected from there.  My response has been simple, “That is exactly […]