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Where do I pickup my malware?

Where does all the garbage come from? 

I have talked about this to many of my customers.  Often in disbelief they say its not possible millions of people use Facebook, Twitter and many other Social Networking tools there is no way I am getting infected from there.  My response has been simple, “That is exactly why you are getting it from there”.  Most malware/virus software has a purpose and remember that.

Purpose, so what is it? To gain the largest audience possible.  So why wouldn’t you want to target the biggest social networking user groups, they are going to bring you the largest populations right?  I have seen this issue for a long time and I wanted my customer and reader base to see more information on this so check out this link to eWeek.com’s article onSocial Networking Security Attacks: Top Incidents of undefined   .  It is a slide deck presenting some common targets.  The article was written by Brian Prince.
He will site some common attacks from Koobface to Dislike/Like scams. Have a read and let others know what you think.

Stay safe and surf wise. From the techies at www.end2endsupport.com also checkout our website www.gotavirusbug.com for links to Vipre software from Sunbelt.

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