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Parental control for the internet.

It is school time and everyone is on the internet again, how do you protect your family?  This has been an ongoing issue since I have been in the business.  My first suggestion is visual control. 
Visual control watch what your kids or employees are doing, if they know you are watching often that will stop a lot of the activity.  In a corporate world make sure you have a formal set of procedures in place.  This will allow you to take swift action and prevent legal recourse.  On the family note take privileges way and even here a set of well established rules will help monitor and control violations.

Now reality most families do not have the time to monitor every activity their kids are doing, so there are software solutions. I have tried a few and do not love any.  Every solution has its pros and cons.  Software like Parental Control and NetNanny are examples that are fairly well used.  Microsoft has also included some tools in Vista, Windows 7  and the Windows Live software.

Another potential tool is a keylogging tool.  This is a piece of software that allows you to track every keystroke used on the computer. It is very invasive in the form of privacy and I have had several customers tell me they use it.  One word of caution these can be identified as spyware/virus programs by some antivirus programs.  If you have a tech savvy employee they may be able to remove or bypass these tools so nothing is Fool-Proof.

SunbeltSoftware in their news letters have been promoting a new product InternetSafety.Com .  If Sunbelt is promoting it I felt we should too. So the links below are available to purchase this product.  We have not tested it yet ourselves.  Checkout InternetSafety.Com’s products they also have edge/network products on their site.

From the techies at www.end2endsupport.com and www.gotavirusbug.com.

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