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Ohio bans offshore outsourcing! This could be a ver interesting issue.

Outsourcing in my eyes has been a fleecing of American Jobs.  I have lost a few jobs and seen many close because of the outsourcing of cheap labor. Companies like Dell, IBM, HP, American Express, Chase, etc the list is long. Have utilized either outsourced technology or customer service to increase the bottom line and satisfy shareholders.  Unfortunately many have no jobs because of this. We also saw work went over seas to bypass our stricter laws, for pollution, and labor. Sad but true.

Apparently Ohio’s Governor has also seen some issues with outsourcing.  Governor Tim Strickland has created policy to prevent the use of public money to fund outsouced projects.  Check out the story at eWeek.com .

I know this policy is viewed as negative towards global trade etc.  but I have to support Job creation and preservation in the United States.  I hope other govenors and companies join the bandwagon to employ local first.

Information for you to think about from the guys at www.end2endsupport.com.

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