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What is Crimeware?

We all have heard of Spyware, Malware, Virus, and maybe even Grayware, but what is Crimeware or even better what is Crimeware-as-a-service.  According toCA (Computers Associates Technologies)  a new level of crime has arrived. 

S-A-A-S (Software-as-a-Service) is a new model in the IT industry where companies and individuals rent software rather than buy it.  For example BPOS is one of Microsoft’s S-A-A-S offerings.  Software as a Services is not a bad thing. However, when it is tied to Fake Antivirus software and is being charged for on a subscription basis, you now have Crimeware-as-a-service. 

2010 has seen a huge increase in the Fake antivirus arena, and again according to CA Google has been a large target for the distribution of this software.  That does not make Google a bad web site it is just so popular that the syndicates producing the bad software are using Google and peoples habits as a way to distribute their software.

Oh an by the way 2010 has also shown an increase in Hacks after Mac OSX.  Check out the article at eChannelLine USA – “Crimeware-as-a-Service on the rise ” by Mark Cox he has some real interesting stats from CA Technologies .

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