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SEO Spammers – Hello jimguthrie13@gmail

Yes I have a bunch of websites that could use improvement, but how many SEO and foreign web design companies can contact you.  I figured I would just let out this little complaint, as I was over indulged with my spam today.  The mentioned email address jimguthrie13@gmail   was on an email from Janus Jacobsen. no other contact information.  I decided to do a “Google” on it.  Wow no surprise I managed to find it in several places. But I found a great article on another bloggers site so I decided to publish this opportunity.

No, I am not dumb I new it was BS but every now and then you have to have something new to talk about. Well I found an interesting BLOG that also was not impressed with jguthrie.  Check out Matthew S. Diehl take on this spammer ! Yes the link is safe he is a blogger that published an SEO Blog.  Have a good chuckle reading his feedback.

Now it is your turn add comments discussing your favorite spammed ad. If I get enough good feedback and serious feedback we will award the best Spammer story  a can of Spam .  Yes we will have a Spammy award.
Please participate and ask your friends to join in.

A fun and tasty idea presented by the techies at www.end2endsupport.com.

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