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Outsource always a tough issue – What about Egypt and others?

I am not a nay sayer about outsourcing but I have been hurt by it in many ways. While I see that globalization has its benefits but with out good redundancies it could be damaging for a company.  I am not picking on Egypt but just using it and an article I just read to identify an ongoing issue.

Many companies choose to outsource and replace local jobs, not just in America.  Companies all over the world have chosen to Outsource. Sometimes it is done as part of globalization and to improve the size and coverage of the workforce. Often it is done to reduce the local more expensive workforce and hire less expensive help overseas.  We can debate the merits of this issue until we finally make a statement like we “may agree to disagree” on the benefits. 

But my concern and Egypt is just one situation, what happens when communication gets cut-off? What happens when the country we are utilizing is no longer a free nation, or a nation willing to do business with the country that the company is from.  This will not be a unique situation to only the US.  what happens when a country is over run by a power and they seize control of the data of foreign companies?  The speculation can go on for ever I just think we need to think about it.  Also to promote local jobs no matter what country it is we need to keep jobs at home to and not just send them abroad, no matter what country you are?  Local economies and unemployment can be improved if companies bring the jobs back, that does not mean shared responsibilities could not be pursued to maintain workforces in  multiple countries, but Globalization is not good if it puts people at risk.

If you think I am jumping the gun a little early read what Microsoft did this weekend. Microsoft shifts some work out of Egypt”  article by Patrick Thibodeau on Computerworld’s blogs .  Check it out.

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