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Desktop got you bored?

Windows lets you spice up your desktop.  Is your desktop old and boring? Or maybe you are unsure on how to update the desktop. Windows makes it easy and Microsoft at home just published a blog entry about it.  This is an opportunity for you to use all of those pictures you have just sitting […]

Thunderbolt, Mac and whats new?

Mac announced the new Mac Book Pro today. Here is one of the 1st of several new features. Thunderbolt a new I/O port that lets the user connect high-performance peripherals and high-resolution displays to a single Port.  It boasting an incredible 10Gbs transfer rate.  Additional new features include AMD Radeon chips that are 3x faster […]

Limited Availability – New Acer notebooks for $420.00

For a very limited time we have new Acer notebooks available for $420.00 plus tax and shipping. Acer 15.6 utilizing the new AMD Fusion Power CPU. The laptop has a DVD burner and 250G hard drive.Operating system is Windows 7 Premium.Graphics chipset is the ATI Radion 6310.2 GB of Ram6 Cell batter approx 3 Hrs […]

Vipre help it get rated as the best!

Vipre is one of the best tools on the market. We have been using Vipre antivirus and marketing it for over 2 years now. Many of my customers have bought it through our distribution and told us how happy they are with the software. It is faster than some of the legacy systems they were using especially […]

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