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No computing platform appears to be safe – Android under attack.

When will it be ok to turn on a device and not have to worry about getting a social disease? No i am not refereing to a human transmitted disease. I mean a computer virus. It appears as we go to new platforms seeking an asylum from the viruses of windows they are just following us. As I have said to many of my customers Apple was once a safe haven because of its lack of numbers, but this is no longer true. Now even the Android OS is under attack. 2 Trojans were recently found in Chinese Alternative Apps market. Check out this article in eWeek from Fahmida Y. Rashid.

Two variants were found dubbed “BD.HongTouTou.A” and “BD.HongTouTou.B. These were repackaged inside popular Android apps and distributed through alternative app markets and forums, NetQin, a Chinese mobile security service provider said on Feb. 22. The malware has been found in the popular game “RoboDefense” and a number of wallpaper apps, according to NetQin.

Read the article Android Trojan HongTouTou Found in Chinese Alternative App Markets
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