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Americana dining classic short order grill! Rib-Eye a reall eye opener.

Waffles, eggs and a little nostalgia served up.  So where can you get this type of food? It’s classic Waffle House .  Not the dive everyone thinks it is.  WH  a place where you can get a quick made to order meal.  The only thing that is pre-cooked may be the Coffee, Grits, Chilli and Soup otherwise everything is pretty much made to order.

Taste I experienced on 3/6 and my current unexpected treat is their new Rib-Eye steak,either as a breakfast with eggs or a dinner with salad. 
Rib-Eye Steak(click on the food items for a peak at the menu and details of the items)
I was doing the dinner thing so we did the diner special.  Steak, hash browns, salad and Texas toast all for about $12.00.  This is one of the most expensive meals on the menu.  The steak is thin but still weighs in at 8 oz.  The thickness is maintained so they can be grilled up quickly on the flat grill.  Lightly seasoned and quite tasty. I really enjoyed this meal and recommend it if you are looking for an unusual place for a steak dinner or breakfast.

Additionally if you are looking for bargain dining, check out the $5.00 menu Waffle House  has.  It is 15 full meals including things from Eggs to a 1/4 pound hamburger. A better deal than one you will find on the Mc Donald’s meal plans.
See the Waffle Housemenu .

Not fine dining but good food in the fashion of the dinners of the US.

Ratings: 1 Byte – Low to 5 Bytes – High:

Waffle House  gets 4.5 Bytes

Salad Steak HashBrowns

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