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Nibbles and Bytes

We review resteraunts for the fun of it. In our Nibbles and Bytes section we review places we eat. Copyright 2014 Simply Reliable Solutions, llc and E2 Computers.

Spiceworks community reports new malware attempt through email 3_10_2011.

An apparent email is being sent that looks like an official Microsoft email, and it want you to validate your operating system.  The email contains a .net application. Below is a copy of the post from the Spiceworks community. So, one of our users just got a really convincing email purporting to be from Microsoft […]

FL SB408 Sink Hole related changes.

If you live in Florida take a look at what this bill is about.. Contact your state Senators and Representatives and let them know you are against it. It will make it almost impossible to protect your home from sinkhole activity unless the home falls into the earth.  Get chatting with your friends and get […]