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Spiceworks community reports new malware attempt through email 3_10_2011.

An apparent email is being sent that looks like an official Microsoft email, and it want you to validate your operating system.  The email contains a .net application. Below is a copy of the post from the Spiceworks community.

So, one of our users just got a really convincing email purporting to be from Microsoft Licensing (notification@microsoft-licensing-center.com). The email indicated that the user’s Windows license was invalid and that she should download the Validation tool from a hyperlink provided in the email (clue number one that something was up). Thankfully, the user did not click on the link and instead opened a ticket.

On my linux workstation, I downloaded the file and ran it through some code tools. It is a VB.Net application that seems to carry a payload that needs to be compiled (ah!, shellcode perhaps?).

Further, I ran a whois on microsoft-license-center.com. The whois listing is very convincing (go on, try it), except the name servers are ns1.official-adobe-download.com and ns2.official-adobe-download.com. Weird, why would Microsoft use an Adobe nameserver? They wouldn’t. So, I dug into official-adobe-download.com and found that domain’s whois entry to be almost as convincing, save for the fact that the registrar is located in Russia and the contact email is a @yahoo.com address.

So, definite malware here. Nice try though. Be on the lookout for this one.

Keep on the look out for viruses and practice safe computing, use a solid antivirus software to help.
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