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Things that are bothering me on 5/7/2011

It seems like no one really reads my blog so today is my day to Rant! 

  1. It is upsetting to think the only comments I get on my blog are Spammers. Hey Spammers you suck.
  2. No business. Way to many people shop for price only and then wonder why all the mall service businesses are gone.  Lets face it not many TV repair shops, small electronics shoot even mechanics are getting hard to find.
  3. Spam email. I know I already mentioned spam but the first were spam commenters now I am stuck sifting through 100’s of emails daily too.
  4. People complaining about stuff but not going out and doing something about it.
  5. Whenever I need customer service from some Big companies no names mentioned here, I need interpreters to understand the customer service reps.  Why can’t we create customer service jobs in the US?
  6. Where’s the beef? OK just through that in there to see if any one remembers the old Wendy’s commercial. All though they may need to use the line in the new Taco Bell commercials.
  7. Why did Dick Scott say no to Federal Rail money that apparently some of his state constituents do want?
  8. Why do states ban the sales of fatty foods to people (NY)? Since when should the government tell a person what they can eat. Not including dangerous or toxic products.

Just a few thoughts today from the techies at www.end2endsupport.com Please add your Rants too.

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