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Office 365?

Wish your office could afford some of the tools that big office have?  We may have the answer in a new SaaS offering from Microsoft.  Office 365 will allow companies to rent software and storage that is part of the Office tool set.  A little more about Office 365:  Exchange.Many companies have either owned their […]

Great deal on an AMD Phenom

Get a 15$ gift card from Newegg when you purchase this Phenom Chip.  Now that you bough the cpu com see us to help you set up your new rig.  With Windows 7 and a Phenom chip you will have an amazing experience. This special is brought to you by our affiliates at Newegg. AMD […]

15″ ICW Alloy wheels and tires for sale

4 15″ ICW Alloy Wheels and Tires – $475 (Tarpon Springs) Check the CraigsList ad. 4 15″ ICW Adrenal 4 bolt pattern (4″ or 4.5″) 4 New tires less than 500 miles on them. Sailun Atrezzo SH4024 Pressure sensors mounted in the tires (Hyundai) Must sell. Special offer presented by Copyright 2014 Simply Reliable […]

Citigroup acknowledges data breach in May.

Citigroup admitted that in May a data breach exposed over 200,000 customers. It appears that a site used for customers to manage their Citigroup credit cards was breached in May. It was discovered during routine monitoring.  Citigroup is notifying effected customers for more information check out this article from InfoWorld Security Central, “Update: Citigroup breach […]

Hidden cost of software piarcy

Software piracy has some direct costs like the exposure of legal action from the companies that the property has been stolen, but what are some of the hidden costs? Piracy and P2P sharing of software, video and movies has many costs but not often do people recognize them.  Virus exposure is one that I am […]

E2 begining the path to be a Google Apps Reseller.

We are starting out the journey, to become a Google Apps Reseller.  We are looking for small business who want to utilize cloud applications with out some of the High Expenses they have had in the past.  Google Apps may be the right product for you. As we begin our journey we are looking for companies […]

Repatriating Call Centers? Back to America

Imagine getting an American once in a while when you call for customer service of an American company.  Hard to believe.  I have spoken before about how difficult it can be to get support when you are confused, or upset and then too top it off do not understand the person at the other end […]

Walmart can it get too big? What will jumpstart the economy.

Is Walmart and some of the other big discounters killing local jobs.  Look I am not going to start by saying don’t shop at Walmart.  But, what happens when no one shops at the little community stores and businesses?  Walmart is convenient and yes for the brands they carry they are hard to beat.  Walmart […]

6 windows tips from Microsoft

Looking for some new tricks for Windows XP, Vista, or 7?  Microsoft thought you might so they created a little post today with some tricks. Windows Full screen not just full size. Customize your navigation pane. Pin programs to the taskbar, you can also pin webpages with the new browser. Customize the launch bar in […]

Recertified ASUS K50 Series 6.02.2011

Recertified notebooks special offer from one of our Affiliates.  We frequently get asked for used or refurbs but often we find that the price we have to charge for refurbished systems is to close to what a new system can be bought for.  These guys have some Asus K50s available and I believe this is […]