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Walmart can it get too big? What will jumpstart the economy.

Is Walmart and some of the other big discounters killing local jobs.  Look I am not going to start by saying don’t shop at Walmart.  But, what happens when no one shops at the little community stores and businesses?  Walmart is convenient and yes for the brands they carry they are hard to beat. 

Walmart employees a ton of people, so does local business.  Yes at first Walmart looks good it brings in a large amount of Jobs all at once, but gradually it displaces even more jobs than it brings in.  As small companies can not compete with the Walmart’s and there are a few others they close. Leaving employees with out jobs and customers without choices.  Specialty shops like ours have been surviving because we can offer different choices than the Walmart, Best Buy and soon forgotten Circuit City.  But in the long run most small shops will fade because the market is too price driven and losing site of service so before long the small shops are going to be gone.  I don’t want to totally tear down the Walmart because it is not just there growth that is fueling this they are just an easy target.  However the consumers are allowing this to happen or promoting it.  If we all shop for price than the Internet will be the ultimate winner, with a few giants remaining.

The ugly truth is that as we utilize big consolidation points like Walmart, Target, Internet we begin to eliminate jobs.  My position is simple shop local compromise on price over service and help jump start the economy.  Spread the wealth not by giving hand outs but help the store owners and employees who are trying to build something in your neighborhood.  Start a “Buy Local” fever (this does not mean a only made in USA campaign).  Shop some of the small businesses, eat at a restaurant that is not a chain owned from time to time.  Keep the money in your community, and help smaller businesses prosper too.

An economic stimulation idea from the techies at www.end2endsupport.com.

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