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Repatriating Call Centers? Back to America

Imagine getting an American once in a while when you call for customer service of an American company.  Hard to believe.  I have spoken before about how difficult it can be to get support when you are confused, or upset and then too top it off do not understand the person at the other end of the phone.  I have also blogged in the past about jobs leaving America even though Americans could be trained to do them. Well it appears that customer dissatisfaction and maybe to boot negative effect on the bottom line has got some companies rethinking where their support is. 

According to the Call Center Insider at least the air line industry has heard it. Appearantly Delta and US Airways are even acting upon the opinions of their passengers.  As they have plans to repatriate the call center. Check out this article from ICMI “Major Airlines Bring Call Centers Back to the US“.

So maybe there is a Santa Clause after all.  We will see.

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