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Citigroup acknowledges data breach in May.

Citigroup admitted that in May a data breach exposed over 200,000 customers. It appears that a site used for customers to manage their Citigroup credit cards was breached in May. It was discovered during routine monitoring.  Citigroup is notifying effected customers for more information check out this article from InfoWorld Security Central, “Update: Citigroup breach […]

Hidden cost of software piarcy

Software piracy has some direct costs like the exposure of legal action from the companies that the property has been stolen, but what are some of the hidden costs? Piracy and P2P sharing of software, video and movies has many costs but not often do people recognize them.  Virus exposure is one that I am […]

E2 begining the path to be a Google Apps Reseller.

We are starting out the journey, to become a Google Apps Reseller.  We are looking for small business who want to utilize cloud applications with out some of the High Expenses they have had in the past.  Google Apps may be the right product for you. As we begin our journey we are looking for companies […]