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Hidden cost of software piarcy

Software piracy has some direct costs like the exposure of legal action from the companies that the property has been stolen, but what are some of the hidden costs?

Piracy and P2P sharing of software, video and movies has many costs but not often do people recognize them.  Virus exposure is one that I am sure many of my followers will think about. But here is one to think about “Job Loss”.  This job loss is not the loss you may suffer if you get caught but it is the industry loss because the money is not coming into the software, music or video industry.  How about security risk?  Yes it is possible that the stolen software has been tampered with and poses a risk of data being sent or viewed by people outside you organization. These are jus a coupe of things to think about. Check out this article from CIO Insight and see what States top the Piracy list and some other costs involved. Make sure you view their slide presentation for some real interesting stats.

Interesting facts in the industry presented by the techies at www.end2endsupport.com.

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