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Office 365?

Wish your office could afford some of the tools that big office have?  We may have the answer in a new SaaS offering from Microsoft.  Office 365 will allow companies to rent software and storage that is part of the Office tool set. 

A little more about Office 365:

Many companies have either owned their own mail server or farm it to a 3rd party like Google or Yahoo.  unfotunately this can lead to the loss of control, plus the user experience will vary between browser, computers, and carriers.  So the first part is an Hosted Exchange site.  Users will have remote access to the Exchange/Outlook mail software. Shared calendars etc all the items expected when hosting your own mail service minus the headaches of the hardware.

Often small businesses do not own or want to take on the expense of building Servers and Server Farms.  This decision may be preventing them from utilizing a very powerful software offering from Microsoft called Sharepoint.  Companies can use this tool for easy Collaboration and file sharing.  Sharepoint sites can be accessed remotely and access can be controlled to even alow 3rd parties to access specific areas of the SharePoint content site.

Microsoft is currently building and expanding Lync both Online and On Premiss capabilities. Lync is part of Microsoft Unified Communications tools.  With Lync Online users will be able to further collaboration through Chat, Voice, and Video conference directly from many of the Microsoft Applications.  Lync can make locating individuals and contacting them as simple a as a click from within the application.  See more info about Lync Online here.

Office Professional Plus:
This may be the entire reason some small businesses may come to use Office 365.  Microsoft Office for a very small price at only a few bucks a month your users will have access to the Office suite. Word, Excel, Powerpoint  and the rest of the Suite in the “Cloud” always up to date.

Also you will have access to Microsoft WebApps.which will allow you to view and do lightweight editing from virtually anywhere.  This is done through the browser on almost any device.

Co Authoring capabilities in this environment and Video editing with the Office Professional software.

This may be a fit for your office or business needs, we would like to assist you in setting up your accounts.  Please contact Steve at E2 Computers 727-943-2406.  If you have already signed up for Office 365 but do not have a Partner on record we would appreciate being considered as your partner for record and future support organization.

Thanks for taking the time to read our quick overview of Office 365.  The techies at www.end2endsupport.com look forward to supporting you in the future.

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