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eBook wars do you have a favorite?

KindleNook and now Kobo are just a few of the eReaders, but is the lack of standards effecting what you buy or read? I was reading the blog from Samuel Greengard “E-Book Babel” at the end he states he will wait till the industry has a standard before he invests in an eBook library.  I wa curious to see if others had an opinion on this.  I have been using a Kindle reader on my Android based cell phone and my library is only a few books deep. 

I have mixed emotions to this affair with the electronic read.

1st is nostalgic but has an amazing effect on the youth too. This being what are going to happen to libraries? Additionally are books going to become like the music industry so pirated and distribution so easy that good artists may stop and bad artists so popular.  If books are no longer in print will students learn to research, and will they ever realize that Wikipedia may not be the best source to quote from.

2nd Electronic media can be very good. Easier to search and we should all be trained to utilize the media. It is also easier to carry than old books and moths do not ruin them.

3rd Transferability just like Mr. Greengard pointed out this is a sticky issue if you own hundreds of books and the company disappears what happens to your collection. Also, when you own a book you can lend it to others, how is this done in the eReader world. and should it be allowed.  Or will book ownership become like Microsoft operating systems one device only and when the device dies so does the license?

4th Shopping for books is easy, nothing like finding a book and having it in you possession in a few minutes 24/7.

Overall I like the use and as stated I am currently comitted to Kindle.

I think the eReader has its place and as Mr. Greengard points out a standard would be nice, and is should be fair in its usage police to not penalize the reader or the author. This is a new way to distribute not steal peoples ideas, and efforts.

What do you think?

An interesting topic for discussion from the techies at www.end2endsupport.com.

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