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Do you have an odd or funny computer support story.

We are looking for the funniest, weirdest, oddest, dumbest, etc. support stories. These could be from the perspective of the technical support person, or the user themselves. We are looking for all sorts of stories that help show the history of the PC.

An example of one of  the oldest stories that we know about is the disappearing coffee cup holder.  This story has been told many times in many  different ways and goes back to the early days of the PC.  The help desk gets a call from the user and he is reporting that his coffee cup holder is missing.  The tech has no idea what the customer is talking about so they start troubleshooting the PC. The customer states there is nothing wrong with the computer but he insists that his coffee cup holder is gone.  So the tech says why are you calling for tech support if someone took your coffee cup holder.  The customer replies because it is part of the PC.

The tech finally goes to see what the issue really is, and has the customer show him what he is talking about.  When the tech arrives the customer walks over to the computer and presses the button that ejects the cd tray, but the tray is missing.  The tech looks inside where the tray used to be to see half of it still inside. The other half must have broken off and was picked up by the cleaning crew. Yes, the customer was using the cd tay to hold there coffee and the weight had caused the tray to crack over time.  A variation of the call was an irate user was mad because the computer spilled coffee all over them when the system would reboot.  Again when the pc rebooted it closed the cd rom tray.

These are the types of stories we are looking for.  Please submit your best, worst, funniest and dumbest.  Submit them with the subject: “Support Stories – (your title or subject)” to webmaster@end2endsupport.com

Thank you for your submission.  We will recognize some of the best stories and we will have prizes of some type shirts, hats, pens, etc. depending on the submissions and their quality.

Please participate and pass this on to friends, co-workers, enemies, and others you would normally send this too.

Thanks from the techies at www.end2endsupport.com.

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