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Thought you had your cookies under control, what about “Super Cookies” – 08182011

Trying to keep your personal info private is tough.  You visit sites and can not utilize them if your cookies are off. So, you researched got to understand cookies, or just thew in the towel and accept them.  Gradually you gained tools to help you manage or delete the cookies, whew the world is a little safer.

Wish that was true but we just were alerted to Super Cookies. More stealthy than the original cookie almost impossible to detect.   According to the report these cookies can rebuild the user profile/info even after the cookie was deleted.   Two companies were identified as currently using this practice, although both have said they are removing the code that supported this. These companies were Hulu and MSN.

Check out the full article Latest in Web Tracking: Stealthy ‘Supercookies’” by Julia Angwin from the Wall Street Journal – Technology.

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