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Trying to stop internet scams in my own yard. 08232011

Have you seen Chris Johnson? AKA Rev Chris Johnson looking to buy several laptops wants to have them picked up by FEDEX.  He may be real but if that is the case why is he using different email addresses. Have you received an email that reads like this

Dear Sir/Madam,

            I am Rev Chris Johnson….how are you doing today?

I want to make a purchase of Laptop specs , i5 or i7 with 4GB,500 hardrive  if is HP ,DELL or Toshiba. 

This are also paticluler mdels you can check for , HP models -Probook 4420s,4530s,4720s

 I need 5 of them get back to me with total cost of 5 including tax.

Email me the price range on them without delivery….Do let me know if you accept master or visa cards as forms of payment…I will send FedEx to pick them up when ready to be shipped.

Thank you very much for the opportunity and I would be looking forward to hearing from you soon including your name and contact number so we go from there.


Best Regards,
Chris Johnson

That is the message we keep getting.

The emails came from 2 sources so far hite2011@yahoo.com and chrisjjj26@hotmail.com?
Just looking to see if others have been getting emails from the Rev.

The fact that in less than a week he switched his email address is suspicious but it also brings about another interesting issue about easily available email accounts.  I know that this can not be policed very easily but it shows how easy a scam can be set up executed and move on.  Internet quotes are common, but these type of letters raise flags for us because we are not known for online sales. I am curious what types of experiences you have had?  Please add comments and feedbacks to this entry.

Thanks from the techies at www.end2endsupport.com.

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