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Do you like to win stuff? Really free.

We are going to give stuff away for free.  If you are looking for a chance to win stuff. Do you like Flash Memory, External DVD writers, Memory Card Readers, Free Tune-up (PC not auto), T-Shirts and other stuff.  We are excited to give stuff away to. So now you may want to know how?

Step 1 is going to be easy, sign-up for our Newsletters and special notices.
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Step 2 when we send out a newsletter or offer Open it.  Yes I mean read it. Our email system can tell if you read or just trash the email. If you read it you earn a shot at free stuff.

Step 3. We will review and randomly pick from the readers and notify you of the gift and get details where to ship it. 

Thats it so simple.
Please let other people who may like to win stuff know and forward this blog entry to them. Post it in Facebook, or Twitter, Get the word out.

Why are we doing this because we are kicking off our relocation and new service we are offering.

The new service is a monthly Help Desk starting at 20.00 per month for unlimited email and phone support. Remote support will have a small 15.00 per session price. 

For about 29.95 per month the service will include up to 2 remote sessions per month, antivirus software, and monitoring. What is monitoring this is a proactive reporting from your computer. In english your computer has opportunities to “tattle” on itself if issues are occurring.

For more information give us a call at the shope 727-943-2406.

Winning opportunities from the techies at www.end2endsupport.com.
Win an iPad2 from Geeks.com

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