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Vipre not removing cookies 09292011

Love Vipre, hate windows updates? Well I am a bog supporter of Vipre and GFI but was very disappointed recently when I noticed my software was no longer warning about my cookies. I went through many common steps, uninstalling the software and reinstall but no relief. I opened a support ticket with Sunbelt/GFI and was […]

End of Spetember Specials 9/26 thorugh 9/30

Month end specials to raise the awareness of broken computers, and get them the help they need.  Deals:1. Hardware repair most single issue repairs will be $89.00 plus parts. (Laptop repairs involving motherboard related issues are excluded). 2. Virus Removal/Tune up $89.00. Vipre AV starting at $29.95. 3. Used SONY Via laptop $250.00 working asis. […]

Why data centers leave the US?

Google and possibly FaceBook are opening data centers outside of the US?  First as pointed out in the article this is not a huge job loss as a data center may only employ 70 to 90 people.   But as the Scandinavians realized the amount of expense and other costs to building them will help their […]

Office Depot “We Fix Computers?”

Office Depot “We Fix Computers” really?  I got a flyer from the OD claiming “We Fix Computers” “Next Day Guaranteed”.  Of course there is a big “*” in the ad.  So what is it that they do. They do offer repairs for software issues, assisting setting up new equipment etc. No different than any other […]