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Office Depot “We Fix Computers?”

Office Depot “We Fix Computers” really?  I got a flyer from the OD claiming “We Fix Computers” “Next Day Guaranteed”.  Of course there is a big “*” in the ad.  So what is it that they do. They do offer repairs for software issues, assisting setting up new equipment etc. No different than any other company. But the cost for hardware repair was really interesting “$349.99”.

I thought wow if I told all my customers that the repair was going to be $349.00 I would have no customers or all of my customers would be buying new computers but at the low end.  I hope people are smart enough to seek repairs form local service techs who make a living doing the right thing for people.  Repairing is not always the way to go but buying new computers when the existing one has not depreciated is not always the way to go either. 

Based on what I see in the pricing at Office Depot I we will honor or beat most of their support prices. We do not do the so called “Quick tune-up” also we do not sell McAffe antivirus products.  Our support monthly will start at 19.95 for unlimited email, and phone support (at this time remote connection will be a $15 per incident fee). However, if you move into our Proactive Monitoring with Remote Support the remote fee will no longer be charged. The fee for PMRS will be 24.95 and 29.95 with Monitored Antivirus (Vipre).

Check out the price list from Office Depot

Office Depot is not the only company doing things like this so take a careful look and see what you are getting.

Support you local techies call E2 Computers we have been service Tarpon Springs and Greater Tampa Bay for over 7 years. We can also support remotely anywhere in the US.
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