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Why data centers leave the US?

Google and possibly FaceBook are opening data centers outside of the US?  First as pointed out in the article this is not a huge job loss as a data center may only employ 70 to 90 people.   But as the Scandinavians realized the amount of expense and other costs to building them will help their economy plus utilize otherwise useless facilities.

But on a interesting note the reason why they are building there is kind of cool. Well let me rephrase that really cold.  Data Centers largest expenses are cooling and electricity.  Well in the parts of Scandinavia they are going they have only a few days a year in the 80’s if they are lucky.  Take a look at the article “For Data Center, Google Goes for the Cold” By SVEN GRUNDBERG And NICLAS ROLANDER.

I guess this is why place like Tampa and Florida in general have so many European visitors.

Now if we can only discover cost effective ways to cool and produce electricity that would be innovating.

Food for thought from the techies at www.end2endsupport.com and http://computerrepair-florida.com/.

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