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Vipre not removing cookies 09292011

Love Vipre, hate windows updates? Well I am a bog supporter of Vipre and GFI but was very disappointed recently when I noticed my software was no longer warning about my cookies. I went through many common steps, uninstalling the software and reinstall but no relief.

I opened a support ticket with Sunbelt/GFI and was made aware that a security update of Microsoft has upset the world of cookie detection.  According to other blogs that GFI directed me to it indicates that MS has changed the way cookies are named by IE.  So for the time being Vipre and possibly other software is not correctly detecting cookies.  GFI indicate they are working on the problem.  I will  post when I have info on when they will fix the issue.

Here is the info from GFI tech support:

A recent Microsoft Security update has rendered our Cookie detection. Whenever VIPRE runs a scan, it will no longer find cookies that were created after the security update was applied to the machine. There is no workaround as this is not a bug in the software per se. Essentially, the security upgrade changes the way cookies are named and VIPRE can no longer identify them as cookies. For more information, you can read these links:







Helpful info from the tech support at www.end2endsupport.com.

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