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Warren Buffet comments from a CNBC interview – 10202011

I felt that these comments were interesting and could be a way to guarantee change in Washington.  We received this in a email ( chain letter) I thought others might like to read this.  If you enjoyed it as much as I did please pass this link on to others. Warren Buffett, in a recent […]

Love or hate Starbucks, here is the way to end your career there. – 10172011

I am sure this rant can be changed to any Fast Food joint but the video here is from an ex-employee of Starbucks.  Oh by the way he only recently made the “Ex” list as Starbucks fired him for his expression of love for his minimum wage job. Keep volume soft if you are in […]

Porn gets posted everywhere even Sesame St. is not safe. 10172011

It is often said that the internet is not safe, but you must maintain your vigilance and keep track of what your kids are doing too. Even Sesame Street has been targeted by an individual or group and they were hacked.  The YouTube channel owned by Sesame Street was compromised and turned into a “Red […]

Apple massive update cause crashes 10132011

Apple has a massive OS X update with over 70 patches in it.  In my shop this is more news than the second issue it causes system crashes.  According to Lucian Constantin’s article it may leave the Mac unbootable. Error repots have flooded Apples support forum. See Lucian’s article for more issues and complaints in […]

Steven Jobs, Apple what a story. He will be missed.

I am posting a small timeline of Steven Jobs that came directly from PC Magazine. I have been in the industry almost since the beginning. Most people know me as a PC guy, but since the early days of  Windows World and the original Computer Electronic Show, and Apple World Conferences there has been a […]

The New iPad Touch 10062011

The new iPad Touch is out this one even has HD recording and more. Mac Mall has made them available to their partners with free shipping. Check out this link: A Mac Mall deal presented by the Affiliate publisher at www.end2endsupport.com. Copyright 2014 Simply Reliable Solutions, llc and E2 Computers.

E2 Computers of Tarpon Springs is moving. 10052011

It is official but the date is not set yet. We are Moving!!!! E2 is relocating to the Tarpon Lakes Center.  This building exactly 1 building south of our current location.  Address is changing but Phone number is not. Website looks will be changing for a preview of the new website check out http://www.computerrepair-florida.com. As […]

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