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Steven Jobs, Apple what a story. He will be missed.

I am posting a small timeline of Steven Jobs that came directly from PC Magazine. I have been in the industry almost since the beginning.

Most people know me as a PC guy, but since the early days of  Windows World and the original Computer Electronic Show, and Apple World Conferences there has been a healthy rivalry. It is the innovative thinking of Jobs and the counter ideas from the Gate camps that catapulted this industry.  I hope that the future brings more people like Steven Jobs into our industry and future industries outside of computers.  Jobs was incredible even when his company was in near ruins he managed to rise almost like the Phoenix. 

I hope some of you can remember the original Apple in a plastic or cherry wood case, or the ugly mac and fat mac to say the least.  Who new that the mac would ever become what it has today. Some people asked what makes the Apple computer so special, it isn’t always the technology.  It isn’t the speed. It is the experience, that was what we learned when we were  part of the Apple BA program. While I never sold many, the few I did where a real experience because the cost was never the question with my customers all they wanted to know was when would it be in and will we help them set it up. 

This was because of  Steven Jobs. He got people to see the computer as an extension of their daily life and tried to simplify the use by taking similar functionality and interface to other products, the iPod, iPhone and the iPad. He built a brand that people just simply said “I have to have it.” In my nearly 50 years I can not think of many brands with as steep of a following, Jobs’ name synonymous with Apple computers like Ray Krok to Mc Donalds and Dave Thomas to Wendys. 

Steven Jobs will be missed by his fans, coworkers, and competitors may he rest in peace.

This post is in memory to Steven Jobs from the techies at www.end2endsupport.com .

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