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Wendy’s new burgers what are you thinking. 11062011

Wendy’s thicker burger really?  I think Dave would be very upset with a few things Wendy’s has done trying to be like the Jones (Burger King, Mc Donalds and some of the more upscale food places). I thought when they came out with natural skinned potatoes and sea salt they would try to serve the […]

E2 Computers – Opens Amazon Storefront – 11062011

E2 Computers is testing sales on Amazon. Please check our items listing at It is limited at the moment while we experiment with this new opportunity. We completed our first sale in October and want to thank our customer Scott.Thanks from the techies at E2 Computers is our retail and service store in […]

Carbonite repatriates customer service – 11062011

Back several months ago I posted that many companies are feeling the backlash of where they have located their customer service and help desk staff. Well, Carbonite has too made the decision an has completed its transition as on November 4th. Check out this press release. Carbonite  Press Release Completes Transition of All Customer Support […]