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Wendy’s new burgers what are you thinking. 11062011

Wendy’s thicker burger really?  I think Dave would be very upset with a few things Wendy’s has done trying to be like the Jones (Burger King, Mc Donalds and some of the more upscale food places).

I thought when they came out with natural skinned potatoes and sea salt they would try to serve the fries like I grew up with in Chicago from Hot Dog joints like Poochies, Coaches Place, Big Herms, and the Corner Hut – check out this circa 1970 photo.  No way not even close go back to the original fries and you may make people happier. Try to find a better product and take more time in preparing them, then we will have something to cheer about.  If you don’t understand what I mean about the fires try Five Guys now they have the right idea but way to expensive for a bag of fries.  

Well thats just the start of my journey down “What the Hell Happened to Wendy’s. (WTHHTW’s). Its funny the revived the Where’s the Beef campaign, with instant recognition for those of us who remember the beginning.  But man can they kill a burger these days.

Wendy’s originally known for the single, double or triple burger made fresh to order and with the toppings you like. The burger always wet from the grease of being fried not “flame broiled” sorry Burger King. That was one of the reasons I liked Wendy’s over BK, but this reign may be over.

I have had two burgers from Wendy’s since the new burger was released and my experience was poor to say the least on both occasions.  First issue burger with no cheese, still cost the same as a cheeseburger. Yes they discriminate against those of us who do not like “American Cheese” or any Cheese on the burger. Second new toppings look the same as the past and the Wendy’s I went to were even more skimpy than the past as the lettuce leaf was smaller than the pickle.  This is not sarcasm, I had to look under the slice of the pickle to find the torn piece of lettuce and the 1 onion ring.

But, my biggest complaint is “Dry” not juicy, no dribble down my lip onto my oversized belly.  This burger was so dry it could compete with Bounty as a quicker piker upper! I am sorry Wendy’s, the late Dave Thomas and his Daughter, but you have screwed with perfection. The burger was great, emphasis on was… Thank god the chili is still about the same but you also have updated the salads, not necessarily a bad thing but I still liked the original taco salad and a baked potato with chili.  The BP was my savior during my weight losing days in High School because Wendy’s was the only fast food that served a Baked potato.

I hope that someone will some day revisit the nasty new burger and realize that the thinner bigger patty is what set you apart from McD’s.  Apparently I may not be alone on this opinion but while researching some of my links for this “RANT” i stumbled into the Huffington Posts review of the new burger too, by Eric Trinidad while he was not as mean as I am he too did not herald the changes as earth shattering.

So my friends my rating for Wendy’s these days is very bleak. The only real saviors are the Chilli and Frosty’s. Wake up appetites and eat were food is good not were you recognize a logo.

Ratings: 1 Byte – Low to 5 Bytes – High:
Wendy’s gets 0.5 Bytes

Keep your eyes peeled here as we will be reviewing Burger 21 in the Tampa Area soon.

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