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Walmart Black Friday step up to ASUS instead – 11212011

Walmart is offering a Dual Core laptop from HP for $248.00 Friday only. While I can not sell anything at that low price I can try to sell something a little better.

1st thing remember what you pay for is what you get. While not a huge fan of the e-350 chip I think there are better, but we will join the party and play in this group.

We have available while supplies an ASUS laptop built on the same e-350 Dual Core Chip but with 4GB of Ram and a 500 GB hard drive. Currently I have 37 of them available in our vendor warehouses.  For non-cash sales the systems will be $505.95 for cash sales 479.95.

1 more “gotch ya” to the BF deal the ASUS laptop carries the Asus 2 year warranty and 1st year included accidental damage.

Interested in this kind of deal for Black Friday see us today at the store in Tarpon Springs, 40347 US Hwy 19 N. #125.

Another Festive opportunity for your 2011 Holiday Season.

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