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Increase performance reduce risk of drop or vibration damage 12242011

Solid State Drives or SSD no mechanical parts! SSD drive are coming down in price but not as inexpensive as regular plater drives. However, with the shortage for drives due to issues in Thailand SSD drives may be a good alternative for some. SSD Drives under 125GB are at some of their lowest prices ever. […]

Hard drive failure fallout continues – Carbonite almost to the rescue! 12232011

Most everyone who knows me knows I soap box about backups! Well I got burned this time and it is my own fault so I hope everyone can learn a lesson from me. I use Carbonite, and sell it promote it and even warn people about some of the got ya’s that I know about. […]

Subject: Christmas Stinks – Funny Card 12232011

Have you seen this subject line in your email Christmas Stinks – Funny Card.  Well I did and so did my antivirus software, Vipre.  I am going to post the content of the email after Vipre had its way with it.  You tell me what you think of this funny email?Hi Everyone,   Christmas is […]

Last minute idea for Xmas 2011 – 12_21_2011

Here is a new idea how about a custom case for that someone specials electronic device? Have you ever thought about designing a case for the iPod or Kindle, even a laptop case or for the new iPad.  If this seems like a different idea check out this link for casable and see what they […]

Twas just before the holidays and my computer failed to boot.- 12_20_2011

Twas just before the holidays an my computer failed to boot. A hard drive failure was the cause.  Sadly I just replaced the drive a few months ago with a Seagate Momentus XT . No motor sound at all, and carrying a date code of 11037 for its build.  So what is a webmaster to do?  […]

VoIP – OnSip my experience brief testing – 12122011

OnSip our first experience with Hosted PBX.  For legal purposes let me say this up front I have Reseller arrangements with OnSip, RingCentral and Affiliate relationships with RingCentral, and Nextiva. In this quick review I will talk about my experience with OnSip PBX. First it is an interesting situation because they do not charge for […]

Gone Phishing – 12142011

Gone Phishing not a new term anymore it means that someone is trawling the internet for your information. Simple idea send a serious letter, funny email or something that looks interesting as bait and wait for enough people to bite. It is not a big fish little fish game but enough fish. Once they have […]