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Gone Phishing – 12142011

Gone Phishing not a new term anymore it means that someone is trawling the internet for your information. Simple idea send a serious letter, funny email or something that looks interesting as bait and wait for enough people to bite. It is not a big fish little fish game but enough fish. Once they have enough of what they are looking for they move on to the next pond or scheme.  Do you ever see a message like this from you virus software

VIPRE Anti-phishing found a known bad URL in your email message. It was deleted or quarantined, depending on your settings, and replaced with this message. The anti-phishing setting is located in File>Settings under the Email Protection tab.”

Well if you do not you may want to evaluate if you security is enough.  I am seeing more and more of these during the holidays between the mass marketing for Canadian Pharmacies, SEO, On line Auctions, but even more concerning is email from people I know innocently forwarding them on. Yes these are the chain emails a funny card, i love you (btw a virus of its own a few years ago), got to see this video etc. 

My suggestions are:
– make sure you virus software is working and up to date
– complete regular deep scans
– do not read email from unknown sources
– don’t send junk unless you want junk in return
– do not remove yourself from unsolicited emails even if it has the unsubscribe link (this is a way to verify an active email address)
– set up a special address t receive junk email and use it when you are giving your email addresses to strangers or online forms for coupons and rebates.

These tips are for a safe holiday from the techies at www.end2endsupport.com, E2 Computers, and Simply Reliable Solutions, llc. – Our new address 40347 US Hwy 19 N. #125 Tarpon Springs, FL 34689

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