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VoIP – OnSip my experience brief testing – 12122011

OnSip our first experience with Hosted PBX. 

For legal purposes let me say this up front I have Reseller arrangements with OnSip, RingCentral and Affiliate relationships with RingCentral, and Nextiva.

In this quick review I will talk about my experience with OnSip PBX. First it is an interesting situation because they do not charge for every User. They charge by company. This is the quote right off there web site “Pricing is for your entire company, not per person or extension. Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time“.  This was an interesting situation for what I was trying to test. I wanted virtual terminals in the Front Desk area, Work Bench, Home office and potentially my Techs that may be involved.  Traditionally for many VoIP scenarios I would need 4 or more users. However with OnSip I could create unlimited extensions, but I am limited in the basic package to 5 email accounts.  So what is the catch, simple they have a usage fee per minute.  Now this is not all bad because they are a very low entry point with some incredible features of there call control system.  Again the thing you have to take into consideration is how many calls you make and how long they last. In an office where users are on the phone all the time OnSip may not be right each case would need to be looked at on a usage basis. If you are a company that has lots of users or extensions required but your call volume is limited than this may be a perfect solution.

Technically the account control is not completely intuitive, but with it being a little more technically challenging there is a little more flexibility.  Custom ring groups, custom ACD, Dial by Name and music on hold, calling between sip users, calling extensions. 

OnSip allows you to add multiple phones with the same credentials and simultaneous ring up to 10 phones.

OnSip our first experience with Hosted PBX. Like I said OnSip is not for everyone, I liked their system while it did not have fax features and there are some extra costs involved with cost for the digital lines $7.00 setup and $2.00/month for digital subscriber lines. They also have a port fee. I believe it was 50.00 first number and 20.00 each additional.

I do like OnSip flexibility, especially at the user end for phones, and how to place calls.

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Please see our interview on OnSip’s blog.

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